We have been having problems locating Urban Zen Green Tea – lemon flavour. The closest store that sells it is almost two hours away and often they don’t have lemon in stock. I use the drinks for my business (training and consulting) and my clients love it as well, so we go through it quickly. What I’d like to do is purchase several cases… Thanks for your help.

Oct/17/2010 – Kate S

I would like to buy you’re tea by the cases. I need this for my staff at work. Could you ship right true? Or, is there a wholesaler in Montreal that sell your product? Thank You.

Aug/29/2010 – Caroline G

Could tell me which grocery store in TO sells your product? Thanks

Aug/3/2010 – Jim

I love your Urban Zen Green apple and wondering if you have any place in Milton that carries it. Thanks.

July/20/2010 – Lesley

We discover last week your green  tea lemon we love it where in Montreal we can buy it ? Can we buy it in big bottle (1 L ?) or 24 pack ? Thanks!

July/17/2010 – Patrice

Just wanted to say that I really like your product. I know you have different flavors but the one that appealed to me was the Green tea with green apple, I love it. I bought it one day because I was in the natural food store and looking for something to quench my thirst, but I am not a “juice” person per say, and water wasn’t quite what I wanted. I saw this on the shelf and somehow the blend seemed appealing, I took a few sips later in my car and just about drank it all before I got home. It’s just the right blend of both ingredients, not too sweet and not too “strong tea flavor”,¬† this product is a winner.

May/30/2010 – Christine S

I tasted your products in a sushi restaurant recently and was very impressed by it. All the flavours are delicious ! Where can I buy them (outside a restaurant)? I live in Trois-Rivieras, Quebec province. Thank you very much for your help!

May/27/2010 – Sophie L

I recently tried your tea at a restaurant, and I’m wondering where I can buy it in larger quantities? I live in downtown Toronto. Any thoughts? Thanks!

May/4/2010 – Julian

I really enjoy your drink but unfortunately i only know of one place that sells your drink. Is there any way of knowing where you sell your drinks in Montreal? Thanks

Feb/1/2010 – Jennifer

I’m e-mailing you to first compliment you on a wonderful line of beverages, they are both health conscious and delicious! And secondly this e-mail is to inquire if there is any location in which i could purchase your product in cases (such as a case of 12 to 24 bottles). I am not a retailer of any sort and i would be buying these drinks purely for personal consumption. I especially love your green tea infused with Green Apple and buy two bottles at time whenever i see them, and i would love to be able to get more. I would be extremely grateful for any information you can give me about your product and where i could buy more of it! Thank you in advance.

Feb/19/07 – Michelle J

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