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Freshly Brewed Infused Whole Leaf Green Tea with Real Mango & Aloe Vera Juice

No Tea Concentrates, Powders or Extracts


First Class Tea Plantation. UrbanZen Tea harvests the highest quality, hand-picked tea leaves from the two best seasons: winter and spring. Our Taiwan plantation’s perfect high altitude, sun exposure and evening moisture create the finest growing conditions in the world. Whole Leaf Advantage. UrbanZenTea leaves remain in original leaf form, to provide maximum taste and health benefits. Infused Goodness. Our infusion process of brewing releases all the flavours of the real ingredients as it steeps together. Then, natural juices and cane sugar are added in perfect balance. A moment of Zen awaits in every bottle!

UrbanZen Tea - Mango Aloe

SKU: 80201
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